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Daniel Cohn-Bendit, is now “well liked” in Germany and “loved” in France – part of the national DNA (1968: Power to the Imagination. NYRB)<http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2018/05/10/1968-power-to-the-imagination/>. Our happiness at this recognition – perhaps one day to be extended to our national treasure, Tariq Ali – inspires us to reflections on the uprisings that made the Green leader’s fame.  The 50th anniversary of the événements has been, and will be, greeted in France with a flood of articles, books, radio, television programmes and, what one might call “teach-ins”. There is a lesser, but audible, interest in the English-speaking world and elsewhere. In homage, the tête de cortège on this year’s Paris May Day promised in a communiqué, in tribute to the engragés of the Mouvement Mars 22, a re-enactment of the May riots in the Quartier Latin. Those promoted by the friends of Le Comité Invisible ended up with a little smashing up the nearest MacDonald’s and some bus shelters.


The Anti-68 (La Pensée anti-68 amongst others)…<https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2018/05/10/the-anti-68-la-pensee-anti-68-amongst-others/>
“Quarante ans de contre-révolution triomphante en Occident nous ont affligés de deux tares jumelles, également néfastes, mais qui forment ensemble un dispositif impitoyable: le pacifisme et …

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