[Marxism] End the “Green” Delusions: Industrial-scale Renewable Energy is Fossil Fuel+

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun May 13 08:40:33 MDT 2018


An interesting article whose case would be better made if he dealt with
other alternative energy sources besides wind such as solar power. Also, by
referring to the need for steel and concrete in the production and
installation of wind turbines as damaging to the environment, it raises the
whole question of whether any time of energy production is "pure".

I actually agree with Louis' critique here. It was sort of a blanket
condemnation of...what? Industrialization? Energy production? Still, it was
an interesting article. He offers absolutely no alternative to what he is
criticizing. Perhaps he is one of those green/reactionaries that thinks
development is the only answer and we return to a late 19th Century form of
agriculture where 4 out 5 people work behind a horse drawn plow? Who knows?

However, having said that, his points ARE well taken. In the most
sophisticated low-carbon energy debates, this is one of the major issues
revolving around the various energy schemes the different sides put
forward. Compared with nuclear energy for example, land based wind power
uses around 8 times the rare earths, concrete (heavily natural gas
manufacturing techniques to make it), aluminum, steel, copper etc etc.
There are real issues with pollution and health with the Chinese dominated
solar cell production (all of which is manageable, or could be). I suspect
what the author is doing is raise some red flags with regards to the highly
Pollyanna view of so-called "Green energy" almost universally ignored. For
this, he should be applauded.


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