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This article seems to have been taken off Hummus for Thought, and that
is a good thing. Not that the article was defending those Palestinians
that support Assad, but its premise that "most" Palestinians support
Assad was wide of the mark. As the editors themselves noted when the
article was up, the latest known survey of Palestinians showed some
40% supporting the Free Syrian Army, compared to 18% support for Assad
and 5% support for radical anti-Assad jihadists
https://www.pcpsr.org/en/node/658. This is consistent with other
surveys going back to 2011. Last year, as Jerusalemites celebrated
their victory over the metal detectors issue, they broke out into
chants supporting the Syrian uprising:

The groups the original article referred to are largely the old guard
of old nationalist parties/forces who believe nothing has changed in
the world in the last 50 years (and are content to ignore the actual
record of the Assad regimes with regard to Palestine for the last 40
years). They've either been superceded by today's youthful protestors
or become largely irrelevant; meanwhile, while Assad father attempted
so many times to kill Arafat and smash his Fatah organisation, the
epigones of Fatah, the Abbas clique running the puppet Palestinian
Authority, embarrass themselves by praising Assad. Quite the opposite
in the case of Hamas.

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