[Marxism] The continuing slaughter of the Palestinian people.

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Tue May 15 02:30:43 MDT 2018

The reports of the horrendous slaughter of Palestinians as the US embassy
was established in Jerusalem is sickening but entirely predictable. The US
has never been a neutral in this fight but It appears as a particularly
bloodthirsty backer of Zionism under the Trump leadership.

Any remnant of the two state solution is now torn to shreds. I have
supported the Palestinian struggle for just on 50 years. These days my
physical capacities are lessened by age and illness but I am more convinced
than ever that this is a struggle that will win.

But now more than ever it needs the support of us who live outside the
immediate area of struggle. Participate and at the least financially
support Palestinian solidarity groups rally, demonstrate lobby on the issue
of Palestinian rights. Support particularly the BDS campaign.

What I am now going to say will probably strike US readers of this site as
a little strange but a major site of this campaign over the next year
should be around Eurovision. This was won last weekend by an Israeli
singer. As I understand it this will mean that next year's contest will be
held in Israel. This normalisation of the zionist occupation of Palestine
under the ever growing openly murderous actions of that regime is abhorrent.

I think that there great difficulties to say the least with the Palestinian
leadership but that is a matter for the Palestinian people we of the left
have a huge obligation to do everything we can to help protect them against
the Zionist settler regime and its supporters in our countries.

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