[Marxism] Samir Amin on Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 15 07:06:24 MDT 2018

(What addled nonsense. What does Amin mean by "the next day"? The 
protests began in Dara'a on March 25, 2011. Does Amin mean that on March 
26, the Islamist movements moved in and began attacking the army and 
police? This is the kind of crap that you'd expect to hear from Vanessa 
Beeley. In fact, there were counter-attacks in Dara'a only after the 
people got tired of what was happening to children like Hamza Ali 
Al-Khateeb, who was put on his parents' doorstep with bruises and burn 
marks across his body, three gunshot wounds, and severed genitals.)

Samir Amin:

The same is with Syria. In Syria, there was a growing civilian 
democratic popular movement against the regime because the regime had 
moved towards accepting neoliberalism in order to remain in power. But 
the West, the U.S. in particular, did not wait. The next day, they had 
the Islamist movements moving in and, with the same scenario, attacking 
the army and the police and calling the West in to help. But the regime 
was able to defend itself. The dissolution of the army expected by the 
U.S. did not happen. The so-called Syrian Free Army is a bluff. These 
were only a small number of people who were immediately absorbed by the 
Islamists. And now the Western powers, including the U.S., have to 
recognise that they have lost the war, which does not mean that the 
Syrian people have won it. But it means that the target to destroy the 
country through civil war and intervention failed. The imperialist 
powers have not been able to destroy the unity or the potential unity of 
the country. That is what they wanted to do with, of course, the 
approval of Israel—to repeat what happened in Yugoslavia. And they failed.


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