[Marxism] Palestinian Lives Matter So Little in Gaza

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 17 08:42:47 MDT 2018

Palestinian life is cheap, not just is Gaza, but in the criminally 
ignored Yarmouk where, in the past few weeks, the forces of the Assad 
regime have bombarded the camps killing scores of Palestinian refugees 
and caused hundreds to flee, inflicting a double displacement upon them, 
many of whom initially fled from the West Bank following the 1967 war 
because occupation and colonisation by Israel, now fleeing the butchery 
of the Syrian Baathists.

Unfortunately, this reveals a double standard that will be easily 
exploited by the sleazy propagandists for Israel against the 
pro-Palestine solidarity movement. The first thing they will say is it’s 
funny that you guys only seem to care for dead Palestinians when Israel 
is doing the killing, I wonder why? — you know what? They’re right. As 
fucking annoying as it is, Michael Oren, Eli Lake, Bret Stephens and co, 
despite their motivations and desire to deflect from the crimes of 
Israel would be 100% correct in making this point.

This is what happens when Jeremy Corbyn, Rania Khalek, Max Blumenthal 
and Ali Abunimah are most likely the people you will face when engaging 
with Israel-Palestine. All of whom have either ignored Assad’s murder 
and torture of Palestinians in Syria and in varying degrees either 
apologise for Assad or espouse narratives that justify the regime’s war 
on the Syrian people. These depraved ideolgues are a grave detriment to 
the Palestine cause and are an absolute gift to pro-Israel apologists 
because you can’t deny they are wrong.


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