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In fairness, I just thought- the pamphlet was written before the October
Insurrection, not after. It was in response to the derision V.I.L was met
with after he announced the Bolsheviks were ready to seize and hold power.

It's still a great instructional pamphlet on how to have fun shoving the
rich around post-insurrection though. A must read for vindictive types like

Comrade Pollack is absolutely right about Lenin circa 1917. The emphasis on
workers' democracy is central to his thinki.

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>  Great stuff!
> Notice the emphasis on the composition of the workers' militia selected to
> implement the decree, including women/domestic workers. (In this period
> Lenin wrote over and over again of the need for rank-and-file committees in
> all spheres to implement the new laws, and the essential participation of
> women in such committees.)
> See also:
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/reviprog/ch04.htm
> " ... 11) Housing laws to be enacted and a housing inspectorate elected by
> the workers’ organisations to be instituted for the purpose of sanitary
> inspection of dwelling houses. However, only by abolishing private property
> in land and building cheap and hygienic dwellings can the housing problem
> be solved."
> In a few years however Lenin and allies were already having to handle
> complaints of abuse of workers by housing officials (for which he said such
> "communist criminals" should be hanged):
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/mar/18a.htm
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