[Marxism] UPS contract

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Fri May 25 13:55:43 MDT 2018

Embattled Hoffa Offers Two-Tier, UPSers Push for a Better Deal
*by Alexandra Bradbury*

In negotiations over the nation’s largest union contract, a three-way
battle is raging. UPS is demanding new givebacks, top Teamsters are
offering them up, and rank and filers are organizing a grassroots network
to push for better—and getting ready to vote down a bad deal, if necessary.

In February, Chief Negotiator Denis Taylor threw one opposition leader off
the UPS bargaining committee; in May he kicked off three more. Their
apparent crime was breaking the information “brownout” that keeps Teamsters
in the dark about their own contract negotiations.

“We were told that negotiations could be just two people in a room and
somehow that’s acceptable,” said Matt Taibi, principal officer of Local 251
in Rhode Island and one of those tossed from the committee. “It’s not.
You’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people who have a stake in

Word had leaked out that the union was proposing a major
concession—creating two-tier pay in package delivery. New “hybrid drivers”
would work 40 hours a week, which could be split between delivering
packages and working inside a hub. They would work Sunday-Thursday or
Tuesday-Saturday at straight time, with lower wages and without the
overtime protection or weekend premium pay that full-time drivers get.


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