[Marxism] Kees Van Der Pijl

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 26 09:58:05 MDT 2018

This is a 70 year old professor emeritus who wrote a minor classic "The 
Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class" in 1984. Today I spotted a tweet 
that he has a new book coming out casting doubt on the possibility that 
Russia had something to do with the downing of MH-17 over Ukraine. Great 
timing. The latest findings make it pretty clear that Russia was 


Pijl has taken to Sputnik News to put forward the same analysis Stephen 
F. Cohen has been making twice a week at least on WABC hate radio for 
the past 5 years.


Finally, he gave an interview to Verso that came up with this shocking 
statement that sounded to these ears like something Diana Johnstone 
would write:

Q: Conflicts in Ukraine and especially Syria – among other problems 
linked to recession – have exacerbated xenophobic attitudes and increase 
of institutionalized racism across the EU. What in your view do those 
developments mean for foundations and the future of the EU project? Is 
the definition of ‘the national’ within the EU being changed and if yes, 

Pijl: Michel Houellebecq, the novelist (I am just reading Soumission, a 
distopia about a Muslim Brotherhood president in France in 2022) argues 
that the centre-left and centre-right want to dissolve the nation into 
the European project, and everywhere you get a mobilisation of 
neo-nationalists who form an intellectual mass base for the Far Right. 
In France, Houellebecq is a hero of precisely those identitaires he 
writes about, also in the Netherlands. I think this is a new phase in 
the crisis of the Left, which has completely surrendered to the opposite 
identity politics, a blanket welcome to the people fleeing the misery 
caused by the War on Terror, regime changes in the Middle East and North 
Africa, etc. Nobody asks what this will mean in a generation or so, when 
as we are seeing now with second- or third-generation immigrants from 
North Africa, Turkey and the like, feel alienated from the host society 
and form inward-looking communities of their own.


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