[Marxism] The Red-Brown “zombie plague”

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon May 28 16:33:43 MDT 2018

This series reminds me of that creepy psychopath's attack on Counter-Punch,
where she looked through the list of contributors, found some
conservatives, and concluded the website was a Nazi publication.

Some of the phenomena that the author describes are real (left
Islamophobia; conspiracism; Stalinist geopolitics over class analysis) but
then the author concludes these are signs of a fascist infiltration as
opposed to the normal course of disagreements and contradictions on the

I recall some years ago that I was accused of being a Nazi infiltrator
online for advocating that right-wing groups should have free speech. My
accusers also made this insinuation when I condemned Israeli soldiers as
Zionist dogs, when I condemned the Israel Lobby, and when I suggested that
anti-Israel conspiracy theories aren't intrinsically anti-Semitic. Some
suggested I was a Nazi infiltrator for defending neoclassical economics in
a previous lifetime, or for being opposed to abortion rights in my teen
years. And of course, whether it was Alison Weir or the Dyke March, I've
received similar treatment over the way liberals are quick to fire off
anti-Semitism accusations against people involved in Palestine activism

I do not think the Elyse Hendrick / Alexander Reid Ross / Spencer Sunshine
obsession with fascist creep is based on evidence of a serious threat. Some
involves finding superficial silarities between left positions on the
Middle East and fringrle rightist groups.

The reality is that any movement in the present day will have disagreements
of the nature the author is describing. The bigger danger is that people
with this line of politics will use whatever disagreements and
contradictions exist to backdoor their own terrible politics, using the
alleged fascist creep as a foil. All three of those individuals have done
exactly that in lobbying for Israel. Alexander Reid Ross regularly reblogs
the ADL and its faux "anti-Semitism" allegations while SS' entire schtick
is about alleging that Palestine and the Left are coated in anti-Semitism.
EH's statistics about Counter-Punch and her trolling Pal solidarity events
for evidence of Nazism should also be indicative.

I don't think it's helpful. Condemning Baathism and Putin apologetics is
one thing but the evidence that it is motivated by fascist tendencies is
almost non-existent.

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