[Marxism] The Red-Brown “zombie plague”

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 28 20:42:48 MDT 2018

On 5/28/18 10:22 PM, A.R. G wrote:
> I think the substantive areas that the author brings up are fair play. 
> But saying the ANSWER Coalition has Nazi tendencies because some 
> alt-right guy showed up anonymously to their rally is an incredible 
> stretch. I know most of that bunch from being from the Bay Area. Gloria 
> La Riva, Richard Becker, etc spend all their time with Arabs and Latino 
> activists. They aren't Nazis or Nazi apologists. The author is reaching. 
> I don't find it helpful. Just focus on the actual issues instead of 
> inventing one, I'm sure it would be taken more seriously.

Yes, exactly. I think there are some people in this milieu who are 
consciously trying to recreate National Bolshevism but most are simply 
crude anti-imperialists who can't make class distinctions.

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