[Marxism] Red-Brown Zombie plague

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Tue May 29 12:58:51 MDT 2018

IMHO the plague is real, but not the result of nefarious infiltration (even
though there have always been infiltrators in any even moderately
significant leftist organization). This is the same type of phenomenon that
swept leftists into the cold war right during the witch hunts, and during
earlier periods of history (remember where Mussolini started). When leftist
individuals and small groups get disconnected from the working class and
mass movements on the left, some of them drift through the swampy waters
until a rightward eddy moves them into the enemy camp. In the post 1927
world, one major path has been from Stalinism to support of state regimes
in conflict with the USA and/or Western Europe. With the collapse of the
Soviet Union and the rise of Putin's klepto-orthodox rightist regime, it
was inevitable that some of the blindest and most corrupt supporters of the
old Soviet Union would go along for the ride, and that they would draw some
others into the right-wing eddies of the swamp along with them.


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