[Marxism] The Red-Brown zombie plague

Carl G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Tue May 29 15:03:14 MDT 2018

Louis, the Lega has also called for the lifting of US sanctions on Russia and resisted the US use of Italy for war provocations.

EU neoliberalism is a real enemy of the international working class; the red-brown alliance (as the subject line perhaps unintentionally suggests) is a chimera.    

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> On 5/29/18 4:34 PM, Carl G. Estabrook via Marxism wrote:
>> Socialists should support Brexit (some did) and the populist coalition just overthrown by a presidential coup in Italy.
> Carl, you are aware that the Northern League in Italy, the 5 Star's coalition partner is an ultraright, racist outfit? I gather this doesn't matter to you as a Marxist-Trumpist.
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