[Marxism] 50 years of radical political economy | Michael Roberts Blog

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 2 05:45:16 MDT 2018

The 50th anniversary conference of the Union of Radical Political 
Economy (URPE) finished last weekend.  URPE has played an important role 
in developing and enhancing alternative economic theory and analysis to 
the dominant mainstream theories in modern economics.  It has survived 
despite the long reaction in economics during the ‘neo-liberal’ era that 
we have been subjected to since the 1980s – where even the so-called 
‘progressive’ economics of Keynesians was submerged under the general 
equilibrium, ‘free market’ economics of the neoclassical mainstream.

I was unable to attend to conference held at the University of 
Massachusetts, Amherst, so my comments on proceedings will be solely 
based on some of the papers presented that I have obtained and also from 
some of the comments on the sessions by participants. This is obviously 
inadequate but I think it is still worth doing if only to publicise the 
role of URPE and to let readers of my blog know the sort of issues being 


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