[Marxism] How capitalism works

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 17:31:02 MDT 2018

According to economics.about.com, “In every economic system, entrepreneurs
and managers bring together natural resources, labor, and technology to
produce and distribute goods and services.” They do qualify this by
claiming, “But the way these different elements are organized and used also
reflects a nation’s political ideals and its culture.” (They also note
Marx’s description of a capitalist economy as one in which a small group of
people who control wealth make the key economic decisions.)

It’s important to understand that the idea that every economic system has,
or requires, “entrepreneurs and managers” in order to operate is factually
wrong. For most of the time that human beings have existed we lived in
collective societies, without entrepreneurs and managers. Different social
classes only arose about 10,000 years ago and it’s only in the past few
hundred years that capitalism has been the dominant global system. Facts,
however, have never been allowed to get in the way of capitalist ideology –
that is, the set of ideas which seek to justify the present system and
usually do so by making it appear that capitalism is ‘natural’ and eternal.

Capitalism, however, is neither. It arose at a particular point in time,
due to particular circumstances. Ultimately, it was a product of human
action and can be abolished by human action too. . .

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