[Marxism] I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too | The New Yorker

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concluding two paragraphs:
"Much of the coverage of these events tends to be theatre criticism, or
news stories about a single inflammatory line or two, rating Trump’s
performance or puzzling over the appeal to his followers. But what the
President of the United States is actually saying is extraordinary,
regardless of whether the television cameras are carrying it live. It’s not
just the whoppers or the particular outrage riffs that do get covered,
either. It’s the hate, and the sense of actual menace that the President is
trying to convey to his supporters. Democrats aren’t just wrong in the
manner of traditional partisan differences; they are scary, bad, evil,
radical, dangerous. Trump and Trump alone stands between his audiences and

"I listen because I think we are making a mistake by dismissing him, by
pretending the words of the most powerful man in the world are meaningless.
They do have consequences. They are many, and they are worrisome. In what
he says to the world, the President is, as Ed Luce wrote in the *Financial
Times* this week, “creating the space to do things which were recently
unthinkable.” It’s not a reality show; it’s real."

Trump warns of 'left-wing violence' if Democrats win mid-term elections
BBC, August 29 2018
 . . .
An audio recording of Mr Trump's closed-door meeting with Evangelical
leaders at the White House was leaked to US media.

During the meeting, Mr Trump said the mid-term elections were not just
a referendum on him but also "on your religion, it's a referendum on
free speech and the First Amendment [guaranteeing basic freedoms]".

"It's not a question of like or dislike, it's a question that they
will overturn everything that we've done and they will do it quickly
and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at
Antifa - these are violent people," he said. . .

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> The biggest difference between Trump and any other American President,
> however, is not the bragging. It’s the cult of personality he has built
> around himself and which he insists upon at his rallies. Political
> leaders are called onstage to praise the President in terms that would
> make a feudal courtier blush, and they’re not empty words. These are the
> kinds of tributes I have heard in places like Uzbekistan, but never
> before in America. “Is he not the best President we have ever had?” the
> Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith enthused. (Trump then praised her
> for voting “with me one hundred per cent of the time.”) In Erie on
> Wednesday, a Republican congressman, Michael Kelly, gave the most
> sycophantic speech of the ones I listened to this month. Trump, he
> yelled to the crowd, is “the strongest President we have seen in our
> lifetime.” Addressing Trump, he said, “You are the best! You are the
> best!” Trump did not need to leave his “luxurious” life behind for the
> indignities of political combat, but he did. “I am so grateful,” Kelly
> concluded, “that an American citizen came out of nowhere to take the
> reins and reform and retake this nation.”
> full:
> https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/i-listened-to-all-six-trump-rallies-in-october-you-should-too

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