[Marxism] I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too | The New Yorker

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 13 11:46:03 MDT 2018

On 10/13/18 1:12 PM, Michael Meeropol wrote:
> This article is evidence for the building of a fascist mentality among 
> large swaths of the population --- the one "silver lining" is that at 
> least some of the people who attend these rallies concede to reporters 
> that they 'don't like' everything he says ....

These people never had anybody to speak for them in the White House so 
this is something new. As I have stated frequently, I don't think there 
is a fascist threat in the USA fortunately because there is no 
revolutionary threat unfortunately.

But I have seen them my entire life on the left, from the racist mobs 
who attacked civil rights protestors in Cicero, Illinois in 1966 to the 
"Southies" who used violence to keep Boston's schools segregated in the 
1970s. Or construction workers who beat up students protesting the 
killings at Kent State in 1970.

Trump is not stirring them up. They were stirred up all long. All you 
need to do is listen to the people who call in to WABC radio. If Donald 
Trump declared himself the American Fuhrer, they'd be giddy with 
excitement, like fans of a baseball team that just won the World Series.

However, that is not in the cards. If you studied the first year or two 
of Hitler's regime, it will be clear that his measures were intended to 
liquidate the German left that numbered in the millions. Imagine the ISO 
and the DSA having 2 or 3 million numbers in 1930 and some of their 
members leading the trade unions that were challenging the government in 
a time when German capitalism had little wiggle room. Well, maybe the 
ISO is not equivalent to the German CP of the Weimar Republic. Probably 
better to analogize the ultraleft German CP with Robert Avakian's cult. 
Just imagine if there were a million people following Avakian blindly in 
the USA. No wonder Hitler had an easy job creating a totalitarian state.

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