[Marxism] The Barbaric Slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi

RKO BEFREIUNG aktiv at rkob.net
Sat Oct 13 14:53:36 MDT 2018

No, my friend, this is not lost at all in my article but explicitly 
mentioned! Just take a look again.

Am 10/13/2018 um 10:13 PM schrieb John Reimann via Marxism:
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> Lost in all the talk about this brutal slaughter is the brutal slaughter
> *ing* of how many hundreds or thousands of Yemeni people by the Saudi
> regime. Since the great majority are simple workers or peasants, they don't
> count.
> Of course, the reasons that the murder of Khashoggi shocks the world are
> twofold:
> 1) He was a correspondent for an important bourgeois newspaper; and
> 2) More important, this murder violates the diplomatic niceties, the rules
> of the game by which all capitalist governments are supposed to operate.
> John Reimann

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