[Marxism] Duplicitous Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince

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Mon Oct 15 23:57:30 MDT 2018

Things are a bit more complicated.

"Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince" - well, yes, he picked the one who 
is the most reactionary, most Trumpian, most dangerous, in short, a 
bulwark of the Arab counterrevolution.

"he was a loyal member of the Saudi propaganda apparatus" - well, not 
loyal enough obviously as he criticized the Yemen war, repression 
against women activists, etc.

It is true that Western media are sympathetic to Khashoggi.This is a) 
because he was one of them to a certain degree (columnist of Washington 
Post) and b) because many liberals hate Trump (and MbS is Trumps' man in 
the Arab world).

Of course, as Marxists we have a very different agenda than the 
liberals. But it is good (and not bad) if the liberals are forced to 
attack the most arch-reactionary enemies and to defend a moderate 
semi-liberal (like Khashoggi). This is particularly true if people like 
Khashoggi are slaughtered by the arch-reactionaries not because they 
were not left-wing enough but because they were not right-wing enough. 
(I hope my English is sufficiently understandable!)

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> The murder of Jamal Khashoggi should be denounced. Professor As`ad
> AbuKhalil says western media’s uncritical praise of Khashoggi is unworthy,
> he was a loyal member of the Saudi propaganda apparatus and chose the wrong
> side of the House of Saud.
> <https://youtu.be/zRG8lA3v0sg>

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