[Marxism] “Sochi didn’t succeed, it’s just that the weapons are hidden” (ANF)

Chris Slee chris_w_slee at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:39:30 MDT 2018

SDF commander Ebu Omer Idlibi argues that Turkey does not intend to withdraw from Syria's Idlib province.  He says: "They absolutely want to be permanent in Idlib, Afrin and Shehba":


He also gives some historical background on the struggle in Idlib:

“The Idlib territory was one of the first cities to rise up against the dictatorial regime when the revolution started in 2011. The people of Idlib have been suffering since the revolution first started. When they rose up for revolution and serhildan, their goal was democracy and freedom. Unfortunately the regime used intense violence, and the struggle was forced to evolve into an armed struggle. That was received well by Turkey. They placed many terrorist groups in Idlib and fed them. Turkey and Qatar have always offered material support to these gang groups. The forces who truly wanted democracy were removed from Idlib and disbanded. Idlib was turned into a gang central at the hands of Turkey. The people of Idlib who rose up in 2011 for a revolution demanding democracy and freedom have been victimized since 2012 to date. Regime violence, gang violence and all the pressure has weakened the people of Idlib.”


“We and some forces like us fighting under different names were removed from Idlib in 2014 by terrorist forces. Jabhat Al Nusra attacked us as we were fighting the regime and ISIS. They proceeded to disband our forces because we fought ISIS and we were against putting the revolution on a jihadist path."

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