[Marxism] Israel sides with Saudi Arabia on Khashoggi affair ... and what does YPG say?

RKOB aktiv at rkob.net
Wed Oct 17 04:02:20 MDT 2018

Interesting to note that the most reactionary, dictatorial forces, 
openly or disguised, side with Saudi Arabia concerning the barbaric 
slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump Administration tries to defend MbS (I am not 
sure if the MbS defenders will not collapse given the mounting global 
pressure, but we will see).

Also unsurprisingly, Israel takes the side of MbS.



And what does the YPG say on this major event? I couldn't find anything 
on their English-language website (https://anfenglishmobile.com/). This 
is not because they don't talk about non-Kurdish events. They make 
statements about events in Bolivia, Columbia etc. But, it seems, that 
they are silent on a crucial issue which demonstrates the barbaric 
nature of Saudi Arabia. Could this be related to the fact that MbS has 
become a friend of the YPG in recent past?!

(I mention in passing that, in contrast to the YPG, the "Al-Qaida 
terrorists" of HTS denounced the Khashoggi murder from the very first day.)

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