[Marxism] Voter suppression: Another tactic in Trump's drive for one-man rule

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 07:11:37 MDT 2018

Joaquin Bustelo's semi hysterical comments about whether the Putin regime
interfered in the US elections head in the completely wrong direction. The
denials reminds me of those who denied the likelihood that Putin agents
were responsible for the poisoning of Skrupal. Everything that we know
about the Putin regime and about Putin himself indicated that he was
responsible. The denials were based on the silly claim that it was a "false
flag" operation - just like the claims about Assad's use of poison gas in
Syria. "False flag" my foot! Now, the actual Russian individuals themselves
have apparently been identified.  I don't know what indictiment he is
referring to, but in any case, the entire Mueller investigation is
something of a cover-up. Why, for example, has he not interviewed many of
the key Russian players like Felix Sater? Why are they steering completely
clear of Trump's having served as a money launderer for the Russian
mafia/capitalist class for many years?

Bustelo's approach is that this is simply "repeating brain-dead American
imperialist propaganda." This is actually similar to those who defend Assad
on the grounds that Assad is opposed by US imperialism. Just as with Assad,
we need to start by looking at the facts. I don't remember the details, but
the book "House of Putin, House of Trump" gives many of them. It shows the
large number of different fake web sites and "bots" that originated in
Russia. It shows the long time and deep connections between many of Trump's
top operatives and the Putin regime and/or its allies. Exhibit One is Paul
Manafort, who was very far from being tangential to Trump's campaign,
contrary to what Trump claims. Manafort's lobbying company was known as
"the torturers' lobby" because of the large number of brutal dictators he
represented. (Incidentally, Bernie Sanders' chief campaign strategist, Tad
Devine, also worked for Manafort for a time!) First and foremost, Manafort
represented the Ukrainian regime when that regime was really just an
outpost for Putin. There are a whole series of others like that.

Then of course, there was the famous meeting with Manafort, Trump jr. and
other representatives of Trump with the Putin representatives at Trump
Tower. The first cover story Trump & Co. put out is very revealing: They
claimed that the meeting was to discuss adoption of Russian orphans by US
parents. The whole adoption issue was and is directly related to the US
sanctions imposed after Putin's annexation of Crimea, and those sanctions
are a great concern of Putin's. In other words, the meeting was about US
sanctions, or at least that's some of what they discussed. (Don't forget
that Trump got the Republican convention to drop or weaken its support of
those sanctions at its 2016 convention.)

So, the evidence is there, as is the political logic. Just because we
oppose US imperialism doesn't mean we should defend their competitors. No,
the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Especially not when it
comes to the reputed richest man in the world - Vladimir Putin. And, yes,
facts do matter.

John Reimann

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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