[Marxism] Reflections on reflections by a former prison governor

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 19:14:15 MDT 2018

“New Zealand has one of the highest imprisonment rates in the world, second
only to the United States, with over 5000 people currently in our 17
prisons. We could be excused for thinking the problem is huge, too big too
handle …”

Social reformer Celia Lashlie wrote that in 2002. Today, 10,645 inmates are
crammed inside 18 overflowing jails.

Successive government policies paved the way for this massive increase.

The previous Labour Government began by stiffening bail laws. They reversed
the burden of proof so that offenders with 14 or more previous convictions
had to prove they were not a risk to the community or face prison on remand
rather than get bail.

Increasing public concern at. . .

Veteran working class activist on Franks reflects on former prison governor
Celia Lashlie's book on prisons and who gts locked up an how they came to
be there; full at:

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