[Marxism] “You can feel the spray”: Poop lagoons are making life hell for African-Americans in North Carolina – VICE News

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 18 06:25:52 MDT 2018

(This indicates that using organic fertilizers rather than chemical 
fertilizers is not a panacea. Resolving the metabolic rift has more to 
do with developing a holistic approach.)

In North Carolina, hog feces and urine fall through grated floors and 
get flushed every few weeks into open-air pits, which can hold around 5 
million gallons. The solids sink to the bottom and the liquid — along 
with antibiotics and bacteria, like fecal coliforms and salmonella — is 
sprayed onto farmers' fields. While nitrogen in the waste is a useful 
source of fertilizer, runoff is a leading cause of drinking water 
contamination in rural America and can cause harmful algae blooms.


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