[Marxism] Grappling With the Racism of the DSA?s Founder

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Fri Oct 19 14:44:03 MDT 2018

Just a quick note on Harrington, Shactman, Rustin ("H-S-R") and the Racism of DSA.

I'm one of the few left who was an active participation in the faction fight in the YPSL and the SP-SDF where the H-S-R group (my term) rose. The primary racism of the group lay in its orientation towards the Democratic Party, which while having a liberal/labor wing also had a Southern racist wing. The claim of H-S-R was that the two parties could be "realigned," with the DP as some kind of labor party while the RP would be left for the ruling class.

Well, this sort of thing happened. And the RP did move to the right. But instead of moving to the left, the DP, as a proper bourgeois party, moved to the right as well. With a Marxist analysis of the DP, this was predictable. 

So, the racism of St. Michael of the White Horse (a tavern in Greenwich Village where Mike liked to schmooze with the likes of Senator Moynihan of cursed memory: a racist if there ever was one) is implicit in his ideological and political orientation towards the Democratic Party. It's true that he had broken with Shactman, Rustin and Shanker before the founding of DSA. But the racist virus was there from the birth of the child and continues to this day in the support DSA gives to the Democratic Party.

David Berger

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