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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 19 14:51:09 MDT 2018

On 10/19/18 11:26 AM, A.R. G wrote:
> Lost Village sounds good. I have to say as someone whose primary 
> experience in NYC was at NYU Law, New York City and Greenwich Village 
> took a real toll on my psyche, though in fairness that could have just 
> been law school. The prices are absurd, the quality is low, and given 
> the price you pay to live anywhere nearby, the conditions are awful.
> I think many people come to Greenwich Village for the same reason they 
> come to NYU -- not for a high quality of life or education, but to make 
> personal & career connections with other people who can afford to live 
> there comfortably.
> Amith R. Gupta

Interesting comment on my review from a U. of Michigan alum:

Sans the empty stores, Lost Village sounds like a description of 
corporate Ann Arbor, Michigan. Workers bused in from Ypsilanti to serve 
the elite, future magistrates and noblemen/women. The criminal entity 
known as UM, Inc. with its mostly nonliving-wage-earning workforce, GA 
and adjunct professor staff, is likely the largest landowner in 
Washtenaw County, but pays no property tax due to its minuscule state 
funding or maybe the nonprofit fiction, so the liability is dumped on 
students and residents with a ridiculous price index. It’s a shame more 
than 80% of Michiganders can’t afford the type of 
primary/secondary/supplementary education to prepare for, nor the 
tuition and other costs required to attend the state’s flagship 
university. Since the school hates its football team, except for the 
opportunity to enjoy major event attendance status on Saturdays and the 
revenue that brings, I love those guys. Working with them was a great 
way to meet some of the very few black dudes on the campus. All the 
other athletes should love the football team too, so many members of 
which arise mostly from the lower socioeconomic demographics. How else 
would the aristocratic sports get funded? Go Blue.

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