[Marxism] Caitlin Johnstone on Kashoggi murder

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Just a brief comment on this:

I think it is really telling to see which forces take such a position 
creating doubts about the killing of Kashoggi, trying to undermine his 
reputation etc.

a) hard-line Trump supporters, Western Islamophobics, ultra-reactionary 
right-wing people.

b) supporters of Putin/China/Assad

c) Israel and its supporters (I think I forwarded an article in Haaretz 
on Kashoggi recently)

And don't forget the General Sisi's et al in the Arab world. (And let us 
not forget the deafening silence of the Kurdish SDF/YPG on the Kashoggi 
killing. However, now, as the Saudi kingdom has been forced to admit the 
slaughter, the YPG is allowed to say something - but surely nothing 
which will hurt the feelings of chainsaw-MBS! See on this in a minute)

This kind of "united front" (not as a conspiracy but as a joint 
"sentiment", "natural instinct") reflects the extremely reactionary 
nature of all of them. It confirms, among others, the reactionary nature 
of the Israel supporters (instead of praising Israel as a "liberal 
democracy") as well as of the Assad dictatorship and Russian and Chinese 
imperialism (instead of praising it as "anti-imperialist").

I allow myself to draw attention to our article on the Kashoggi murder:


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