[Marxism] Voter suppression: Another tactic in Trump's drive for one-man rule

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 23:08:33 MDT 2018

Bustelo was never a Gaddaffi supporter. I was an opponent of the 

As for Assad, I have no idea what is going on in Syria, I don't follow 
it. From what little I hear, mostly on NPR and Democracy Now, it sounds 
like a complete clusterfuck.

But I've been a war correspondent and for that reason I know so much of 
what is reported under those circumstances is bullshit, and not just 
intentional propaganda but just because shit happens in war, and it is 
really hard to untangle in real time what happened, and often you 
can't.  That means it would be a huge drain of time and effort to try to 
follow what is going on there, because you'd have to be checking and 
cross checking, and for someone who has never been within two thousand 
miles of the place, doesn't speak the language,  doesn't know the 
culture, has only the vaguest notions of the history, and is not at all 
current on what the different states in the region or otherwise involved 
are doing or why, it seems like a fool's errand.

Also, I have no idea what anti-imperialist analysis I'm supposed to have 
that I got from the Cuban and Venezuelan press. I don't follow either, 
and in fact, I couldn't even tell you the name of a pro-government 
newspaper in Venezuela. I'll take your word for it that the Venezuelan 
government's people present an anti-imperialist  analysis, because 
--honestly-- I would not have automatically assumed that to be the case.

It may seem strange that I would not follow Cuba or Venezuela or Syria 
or much else, but try to understand what I do: I produce and co-host a 
daily, live two-hour news, analysis and call-in radio show in Spanish on 
what is now an internet-only station, radio información. And then I do 
an hour show of political music on Fridays.

Our audience is overwhelmingly immigrants from Latin America who came 
here as adults, the big majority of them undocumented although a number 
have managed to get legal status. The majority is Mexican; there are 
also large numbers from Central American countries (save Costa Rica) and 
a scattering from other places.

I have to follow pretty much everything going on in the United States 
and Mexico. as much as I can of Central America, and whatever is hot in 
Latin America, like the way Macri has managed to bankrupt Argentina is 
just a couple of years.  So don't ask me about Assad or whatever Maduro 
may be saying. Things I know about are the fight over the new Mexico 
City International Airport, the disappearance of the 43 students in 
Iguala, Peña Nieto's "white house," and then Medicaid expansion in 
Georgia, voter suppression, Trump and the wall and all things Trump 
(much as I hate and resent it).

The reason I post so little nowadays is that I stopped doing it when I 
got sick a decade ago. It takes a long time to recover from an illness 
like that (throat cancer) and the treatment. Before I was fully 
recovered, and got back into posting here, I got restructured out of my 
job at CNN and so I was able to get very involved with the Latino 
community and the immigrant rights movement here, with Occupy while it 
lasted, and then in 2012 with Radio Información.

That's pretty much determined what I focus on and follow. I've taken a 
different path is all.

And when I look at this email list, there is usually very little that 
intersects with what I am doing or focused on. For example, I just did a 
quick search through Thunderbird of how many posts mentioning Syria 
there had been in the past week: 8. That's also the number of posts 
there have been about Mexico since July 1, when the election was held.

And it is not just this list. The same thing happened with Solidarity. I 
got involved with DSA because the Sanders campaign and subsequent 
developments (especially AOC's upset in the New York House primary) are 
a frequent subject of conversation in the show, as are issues of 
electoral strategy and tactics.

Louis, You are of course, free to be flippantly dismissive because you 
think I'm an Assadist or that I'm a Maduro or Putin fan boy. But I 
suspect that however important whatever it is that is going on in Syria 
turns out to be, and I realize it is a question of the entire region and 
not just one country and it is important, at least in an immediate sense 
what is going on in Mexico and at the border, and having a clear vision 
and understanding of it, is of more near-term relevance to those engaged 
in radical politics in  this country, and I would not exclude the 
possibility of that turning out to be true in the longer term also.

By the way, the ONLY time I can remember Syria coming up on our show is 
when a frequent caller asked about whether what was being said about 
some poison gas attack was true and I told him quite honestly that I 
didn't know.

And don't take my word for it, you can actually find out what I really 
think about the things that I am really following by going to Radio 
Información Facebook page or YouTube  account and listening to "Hablemos 
con Teodoro." I'm the gnome underneath the mostly bald head nearest the 

*  *  *

As for my near hysterical I don't know what in relation to Trump and 
Russia, I provided a  list of carefully sourced blog posts that even 
have links to the sources.

But of course if y'all prefer the government's version, there's a new 
propaganda indictment from the Justice Department against the Russians 
accusing them of saying unkind things to undermine American democracy. 
As if there were such a thing!


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> On 10/17/18 9:11 AM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
>> Bustelo's approach is that this is simply "repeating brain-dead American
>> imperialist propaganda." This is actually similar to those who defend 
>> Assad
>> on the grounds that Assad is opposed by US imperialism.
> That's because Bustelo is an Assad supporter. As well as a Gaddafi 
> supporter. He hasn't been much of a presence on this mailing list for 
> years now but only shows up to write some violent attack on those of 
> us who don't share his "anti-imperialist" analysis that is drawn from 
> the Cuban and Venezuelan press.
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