[Marxism] The first YPG Statement on the Kashoggi killing

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There are several problems with this reply:

1) Stalinist Cuba was dependent on and opportunistic towards the USSR, a 
deformed workers state involved in a cold war with the imperialist 
powers. The YPG is dependent on and opportunistic towards US imperialism 
and the Saudi Kingdom, which are among the world's most reactionary powers.

2) Turkey shall be "the most powerful state in the Middle East apart 
from Israel". Leaving aside that the U.S. and Russia are certainly more 
powerful states in the Middle East, there are other states in the region 
which are certainly not less powerful than Turkey: Iran, Saudi Arabia 
(which pays the YPG) and Egypt.

You simply take over the PKK/YPG narrative that Kurdistan is the 
starting point to understand the Middle East and to take positions. In 
fact, the Middle East and the world relations are the starting point to 
understand the Middle East (as well as Kurdistan)and to take positions.

3) Nevertheless, your comparison with Granma is not completely wrong: 
the Cuban Stalinists implemented the same opportunistic policy of 
following the interests of the Soviet foreign policy. The Stalinist 
parties in the West did the same. According to your logic, this can be 
excused because they were paid by Moscow. The YPG deploys the same logic 
- it just replaced the USSR with US imperialism. All this is the logic 
of political prostitution - serve those who are paying you. This has 
nothing to do with Marxism!

In the end you have to decide: are you an Australian opportunist serving 
Kurdish nationalists who serve US imperialism or are you an 
internationalist Marxist?

Am 20.10.2018 um 05:43 schrieb Chris Slee:
> Under attack from Turkey, the most powerful state in the Middle East 
> apart from Israel, the Rojava revolutionaries are cautious about 
> criticising Saudi Arabia, a state which might (for its own reasons) 
> gave them a bit of aid.
> In this respect ANF reminds me of the Cuban paper Granma, which I used 
> to read many years ago.  Granma's international coverage was extremely 
> inadequate because it never criticised any government that was willing 
> to have friendly, or just non-hostile, relations with Cuba.  This was 
> a survival tactic for Cuba faced with the US threat.
> Chris Slee
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> Great, 17 days after the murder of Kashoggi and at the same time when
> Trump puts pressure on the Saudis to offer an "explanation", the "Rojava
> revolutionaries" manage to say something on one of the most important
> current events in the Middle East and world politics! But could we
> expect any criticism of the Saudi kingdom or MBS? Surely not! These are
> the YPG's friends and (surely) financier. How shameful for the
> "progressive" YPG and their "revolutionary" supporters in the world!
> *Pressure building over the Khashoggi incident *
> As claims that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the
> consulate can’t be hidden any more, the pressure is building on the
> Riyadh administration.
> ANF, 19 Oct 2018,
> https://anfenglishmobile.com/news/pressure-building-over-the-khashoggi-incident-30271
> Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul on
> October 2, and was never heard from again. The suspicions that Khashoggi
> was murdered in the consulate are all but certain at this point. The
> Saudi government hasn’t made any statements to this end as of yet, but
> many countries and institutions are upping the pressure against them.
> As the pressure builds over the Jamal Khashoggi incident, the number of
> countries and institutions withdrawing from the economy conference
> titled Invest in the Future Initiative to be held in Riyadh next week is
> on the rise.
> The IMF, the World bank and many other institutions were to attend the
> conference at the presidential level, but have withdrawn. With this
> decision, several countries also withdrew from the conference.
> US President Donald Trump, after criticism that he didn’t exert clear
> pressure since the Khashoggi incident broke out, said it was “most
> probably” certain that the opposition journalist was killed.
> Trump stressed that the incident is “very bad”, and that there will be
> consequences for the Saudi administration.
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