[Marxism] A New Chapter in the Police Department’s Crackdown on the Left

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 13:14:09 MDT 2018

This is new only to people so demented they have forgotten yesterday, the
day before that and the day before that.
What would be new would be the acknowledgment -- and subsequent *planning*
-- by somebody, anybody, that since it has been true *forever* that cops
take the side of the rich, are happy to beat down, gun down or arrest
anyone who smacks of leftness and dares to enter the streets in protest,
*different tactics* are required from showing up completely unprepared for
the one-sided response from the state and bleating about how unfair it all
You would think antifa, of all people, would get this, but what did they do
at the Republican Club's little party? They sent, or allowed to be sent, or
allowed to go, or missed the fact that three people went and after the
event provoked a larger crowd of Proud Boys and got the shit beaten out of
themselves. You may wait around for the explanation that will never come
from whoever was responsible for this idiocy, if you wish. What must their
discussions be like?

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