[Marxism] Lessons from One Left to the Next: Revolution in the Air Reissued - Viewpoint Magazine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 22 15:03:13 MDT 2018

 From a review of Max Elbaum's book by another Maoist veteran:

However, NCM groups underestimated two critical factors that ultimately 
would doom the Rainbow Coalition experiment. First, despite all its 
non-electoral organizing and mobilizing components – from social-justice 
oriented trade union efforts which crossed industrial and rural divides, 
evolving links with the peace, anti-imperialist, and environmental 
movements on issues of military intervention, nuclear weapons, and 
energy sources,  as well as a continued emphasis on “multinational” 
alliances between oppressed groups – the Rainbow Coalition was primarily 
an electoral vehicle, tied to the election cycle, delegate selection 
processes, vote-getting and Democratic Party politics. 16 In the end, 
the former components were subordinate to and dependent upon the latter 
and failed to take on a life of their own. Second, in spite of all 
efforts to make it a bottom-up, democratic movement, the Rainbow 
Coalition was dominated and controlled by Jesse Jackson and his key 
acolytes.  When, in the aftermath of the 1988 election, Jackson cut a 
deal with the Democratic Party establishment and decided to wind the 
whole thing up, the Rainbow left was powerless to stop him.


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