[Marxism] Rosa Luxemburg 100 years on

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 03:21:31 MDT 2018

*Rosa Remix* is a book of essays on Rosa Luxemburg published in 2016 by the
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Foundation), an educational arm of the German Left
Party (Die Linke) which set up a branch office in New York a few years ago.
It is ironic – galling, actually – that this foundation, which takes
thoroughly reformist positions, names itself after Luxemburg, a forthright
revolutionary one of whose best-known works, *Reform or Revolution*,
excoriates reformism as incompatible with socialism.

*Rosa Remix* is downloadable at http://www.rosalux-nyc.org/rosa-remix-3/.
The book was published “with support from the German Federal Foreign
Office” and has been promoted and distributed by the Democratic Socialists
of America (DSA).

The book’s articles by various authors purport to apply her work to today’s
world, almost a century after her murder at the hands of Social-Democratic
authorities in 1919. I mainly want to deal with what writers make of her
analysis of imperialism. But first, an indication of the. . .

full at:

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