[Marxism] ‘This is Not a Doomsday Talk’: Allan Savory’s address to the Savory Institute International Conference

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Tue Oct 23 08:48:48 MDT 2018

griculture is the key to everything; without which we cannot have a church,
university, business, company – or even an economy, city or explore space.
It is the very foundation upon which all human endeavour rests but we treat
it as simply dirt.

Agriculture is the production of food and fibre from the world’s land and
waters. It is not just crop production as many believe. Fisheries,
forestry, wildlife and more are agriculture.

While agriculture made all we enjoy today -including our cell phones,
comfortable cars and television – possible, it has also already destroyed
many civilizations in all regions – both green and brown – in the NASA
picture above.

Agriculture today is producing far more eroding soil than food. We need to
produce every year about half a ton of food per person. We are achieving
this by producing 4 tons of eroding soil per person every year according to
soil scientists. I believe these figures are largely from croplands. If we
include the vast desertifying lands the figure could well be 8 to 10 tons
or more of destroyed soil for every human alive today. And we expect the
population to rise toward 10 billion.
*FULL: https://tinyurl.com/yceb7k2p <https://tinyurl.com/yceb7k2p>*

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