[Marxism] Has America Become a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy?

Tim Nelson nelsontim86 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 11:13:05 MDT 2018

Hi Louis

I don't think we're disagreeing as much as you think we are.

Trump/Brexit is the natural culmination of neoliberalism, in my opinion,
rather than an antithesis to it. It's actually disaster capitalism writ
large. Trump rarely says anything that hasn't been said by Republican
politicians for years.

I don't think this new wave of reactionaries taking power is a response to
neoliberalism. Among its supporters it may be a nihilistic response to
neoliberalism's effects; but mostly it's just a natural extension of the
neoliberal project.

That being said, the racialism of Trump's movement, while hardly new in the
US right, is troubling, considering that it's the central mobilising point
of a mass movement.

On Wed, 24 Oct 2018, 7:44 p.m. Louis Proyect, <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

> On 10/24/18 12:10 PM, Tim Nelson wrote:
> >
> > The Trump "regime" isn't a dictatorship, but it is an ultra-reactionary
> > government which has race at the centre of its agenda. Is this a new
> > phenomenon in a Western democracy? No. But that's precisely the point.
> In case you hadn't noticed, such governments are sweeping across the
> planet. It is all a reaction to the neo-liberal onslaught that began in
> the early 70s and culminated in the Thatcher and Reagan regimes. When
> voted out, it continued under the Blair and Clinton regimes. This shit
> has been going on now for almost a half-century, which constitutes an
> epoch of world history.
> The only way to get rid of Trump, Orban, Modi, Putin, Duterte, et al is
> to wage revolutionary struggles led by the kind of party that took power
> in 1917. But what people are ready to get behind is the DSA, Corbyn's
> Labour, Podemos, neo-Keynesian formations in Latin America that have
> passed their shelf-life and every other kind of half-measure.
> It will be up to the next generation to produce a solution, I'm afraid.
> But there will be a solution or else we will die because of nuclear war
> or climate catastrophe. I just finished reading an article in the April
> 2018 Harpers about an anthrax epidemic in northern Russia near the
> Arctic Circle that mostly affected reindeer but also some of the
> indigenous people who herded them. The cause? Climate change had warmed
> up the earth to such an extent that anthrax germs lodged in the dead
> bodies of reindeer from decades and centuries ago had risen through the
> soil.
> Oh well. I did everything I could to make the case for non-sectarian
> revolutionary parties over the past 37 years. I probably should have
> gone into business like Bhaskar Sunkara instead. On second thought, I'd
> rather have sold real estate.

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