[Marxism] Centrists paved the way for the far right in Brazil | Brazil | Al Jazeera

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 25 07:33:31 MDT 2018

The seeds of the far right's rise started to be sown in the early 2000s, 
when PT rode the global commodity boom to promote an economic bonanza 
that raised the standards of living for the poorest while also 
benefiting the rich. Lula's success made it impossible for opponents to 
claim that PT wasn't working; the country was unequivocally better off 
than it had been under PSDB. The only available route of attack lay in 
exploiting moral concerns around elements of PT's agenda, like women's 
and LGBT rights, and reheated Cold War "red scares". In this, the centre 
right had support from major media groups and political leaders from the 
growing Brazilian Pentecostal community, whose electoral profile is 
essentially tied to moral issues. The more immoderate elements of this 
tacit alliance were increasingly brought into an echo chamber in which 
paranoid claims and bogus accusations would be dignified with comments 
by opposition politicians and media pundits, and thus fed back into a 
few news cycles until everyone moved on to the next fabricated outrage. 
An editorial market for anachronistic anti-communist propaganda boomed. 
Inevitably, this opened the door of mainstream debate, and of centre 
right parties themselves, to the far right.


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