[Marxism] When is it time for revolutionary politics in the imperialist world?

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 03:09:04 MDT 2018

Don Franks’ critique of Mana’s anti-poverty campaign touched on the
contradiction between what seasoned activists in Mana know and what they
put forward in practice.  Don noted, “But MANA’s veteran activists
understand the basic nature of capitalism. Why do they wilfully
misrepresent it?”

This is at the very heart of far-left involvement in Mana/Internet Mana.
Sections of the far left continually make out that radical-reformist
politics are better than revolutionary politics most of the time in
practice.  So when are revolutionary politics to be argued and fought for,
and put before workers?  Apparently, not today.  Maybe tomorrow?  But then
tomorrow becomes today, and so, once again, the time is not right for
advancing revolutionary politics.

This self-limiting stance taken by the left groups involved in
Mana/Internet Mana – although at least ISO is engaged in some reconsidering
and useful open debate – means, in effect, that the time is never right for
advancing revolutionary politics.

Instead the far left groups, despite the subjective intentions of their
more radical members, play the role of gate-keeper, helping inhibit the
field of political discussion.  The way forward is not through discussion
and action around the expropriation of the capitalist class, but around
what tax rates should be and how state capitalist enterprise is supposedly
better than a mixed private-state ownership model. . .

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