[Marxism] Revolutionary Rojava: An polyethnic, feminist and anti-capitalist experiment (Links)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 26 18:42:52 MDT 2018

On 10/26/18 7:57 PM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
> http://links.org.au/revolutionary-rojava-polyethnic-feminist-anti-capitalist-experiment

"Öcalan's new approach emphasises organising alternatives to each part 
of the state, run by the people, which will ultimately replace the 
existing state."

The "existing state" is based in Damascus, right? Sorry. I can't buy 
this. The Kurds have never shown the slightest interest in confronting 
Assad. Rojova is an enclave in a tyranny--more or less the equivalent of 
Mondragon in Franco's Spain. Live and let live.

Marxist parties are about revolutionary struggles against the capitalist 
state. Anarchists, in contrast, are about creating alternative 
institutions within capitalist society. It is a variant on utopian 
socialism. Nobody could ever fault Robert Owens or Charles Fourier for 
establishing utopian colonies that elevated the working class but Marx 
and Engels had different ideas.

For Lenin, state power was the goal. For Bookchin, like Negri and Hardt 
in "Empire", the state is a poisoned pill. If you take state power, you 
will succumb to authoritarianism. The whole idea of Bookchin's 
"Libertarian Municipalism" was to sidestep these temptations. He wrote:

	Thus, libertarian municipalism is not merely an effort simply to “take 
over” city councils to construct a more “environmentally friendly” city 
government. These adherents or opponents of libertarian municipalism, in 
effect, look at the civic structures that exist before their eyes now 
and essentially (all rhetoric to the contrary aside) take them as they 
exist. Libertarian municipalism, by contrast, is an effort to transform 
and democratize city governments, to root them in popular assemblies, to 
knit them together along confederal lines, to appropriate a regional 
economy along confederal and municipal lines.

In the USA, such tactics could certainly make a place like Putney, 
Vermont less oppressive but in Assad's Syria, they are largely 
irrelevant to the broader confrontation between the Syrian workers and 
peasantry trying to win state power in order to put an end to torture 
and oligarchic rule. What are those millions supposed to do? Wait to be 
liberated by the YPG?

I can understand why non-Marxist radicals would see Rojova as the wave 
of the future. What is the Socialist Alliance's excuse?

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