[Marxism] Revolutionary Rojava: An polyethnic, feminist and anti-capitalist experiment

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 15:05:22 MDT 2018

Chris Slee wrote: "However, the DFNS does not aim to defeat Assad
militarily.  It says it wants a negotiated solution that will democratise

"This probably sounds unrealistic.  But I think what the DFNS leadership is
hoping is that, in the context of negotiations, that section of the Syrian
people that sees Assad as a lesser evil compared to Sunni-sectarian rebels
will be open to a third alternative.  The DFNS hopes to win the support of
the religious minorities, many of whom currently support Assad."

No, it doesn't "sound unrealistic". It is either living in a fantasy world
or... just a cover from trying to reach a means of living with Assad. Or
more likely both. The idea of some sort of autonomous Kurdish semi-state
carved out of Syria, or as part of Syria, flows from the bourgeois
nationalist point of view. And let's be clear, it is petit bourgeois
nationalism. Unfortunately for them, there really are only two options:
capitalism or socialism. All this "municipalism" simply skirts the
question. It's like "socialism of the 21st century" - a means of covering
one's tracks. Either the capitalist class will rule or the working class
will. That's the bitter reality of the modern world. And the working class
cannot rule through some sort of glorified anarchist principles, some sort
of organizational method similar to the Occupy movement.

Given the alignment of forces today, if a movement is not absolutely clear
on this, and if they don't make it explicit that they mean for the working
class to rule, and if they don't actually *organize* along those lines,
then they will end up with the capitalist class ruling. And if that's what
US imperialism wants and is, in fact, doing, then the DFNS will have to do
so also... if they haven't done so already. (Which every indication is that
they have.)

John Reimann

What's more, there is no chance - zero - that the Kurdish/Syrian capitalist
class can play an independent role. At present, whether we like to admit it
or not, they are militarily dependent on US imperialism. And in a war
situation, militarily dependent means dependent. Period. And since US
imperialism has decided that it must make its peace with Assad, then so must
*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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