[Marxism] "The communist league of Negro women voters"

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 10:14:08 MDT 2018

Richard Nixon was an aggressive political campaigner. At one point his
allies conjured a group labeled "The Communist League of Negro Women
Voters" to associate with and thus taint his opponent:

"It was during [his 1950 Senate race against Helen Gahagan Douglas] that
Americans first heard of 'Tricky Dick' Nixon. His campaign manager was
[Murray] Chotiner, an early practitioner of negative campaigning who
subsequently worked in every one of Nixon's campaigns until 1968. His
Democratic opponent, a former singer and ac­tress, was a liberal whom the *Book
of Knowledge *ranked as one of the twelve smartest women in the world.
Although a critic of HUAC and anticom­munism, Douglas had moved toward the
center of her party in recent years. Yet communism became the chief issue
for the Nixon camp. This focus was not exceptional, as the 1950 campaign
coincided with Senator Joseph McCarthy's (R-Wisc.) emergence on the
national scene and his charges of 'Communists in the State
Department.' McCarthy campaigned in Califor­nia for Nixon. McCarthy's
charges received further impetus following the outbreak of the Korean War
in June.

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