[Marxism] Daniel Gaido on Brazil (From FB)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 29 10:57:43 MDT 2018

In my opinion, we should clarify the historical analogies between 
Bolsonaro and fascism in two ways.

First, both Mussolini and Hitler came to power due to the absence of a 
united front policy on the left, which divided the working class (the 
split of Livorno in full rise of fascism and the refusal of the PCI to 
integrate the Arditi del Popolo in Italy, the characterization of social 
democracy as "social fascism", the "united front from below" and the 
creation of "red unions" in Germany). None of that existed in the case 
of Brazil; in fact, with the exception of the PSTU (which has a marginal 
weight in Brazilian labor policy, particularly after its split) all the 
left organizations, and in particular the PSOL, went to the tail of the 
PT, and in any case that It did not help electorally. Then we have an 
original phenomenon: the rise of a protofascism that is a direct product 
of the putrefaction of the popular front, the depth of the crisis 
(favelization, unemployment, violent deaths) and the absence of a left 
alternative. It is on this last point that we should insist: the urgency 
of proposing an alternative to the PT, because evidently the Brazilian 
working class repudiates it.

Second, Bolsonaro has neither the black shirts of Mussolini, nor the SA 
and SS of Hitler, or anything like it. Still Franco, who was not a 
fascist in the strict sense of the term but a coup general, was 
supported by the Falange, which was integrated into the FET and the 
JONS. In that sense, it seems to me that the first stage of Bolsonaro's 
government, rather than fascist, is going to be a right-wing 
Bonapartism, like the third Peronist government, probably with the 
emergence of a Triple-A parapolice wing to repress the labor movement 
and the activists. political and social Nor should we exclude 
Bonapartist moves in foreign policy and economic policy; Although he has 
a Chicago Boy as finance minister, he says he is an admirer of Trump, so 
protectionist policies, etc. should not be ruled out.

We will have to be very precise in the characterization of each of these 
stages in the consolidation or disintegration of the regime, and above 
all insist that nothing is lost, that the working class enters this 
stage after staging a gigantic general strike and with its forces 
intact, and that if it adopts a policy of consistent class struggle 
against the Bolsonaro regime and manages to forge a new class-oriented 
political leadership in the heat of that struggle, it can prevent the 
consolidation of its government as a fascist regime and even overthrow 
it. That is to say, it is not simply a "rise of the right" but a much 
more complex and contradictory process, of a continental nature, that 
even opens revolutionary possibilities - that is why we are just raising 
the slogan of the sovereign Constituent Assembly in Argentina. This is 
what should be stressed to combat the demoralization of some colleagues.

Bolsonaro: 38%
Haddad: 32%
Brancos e Nulos: 9%
Abstention: 21%

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