[Marxism] How to (do) ranching right

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 12:36:51 MDT 2018

 That cattle raised in CAFO style of farming is a contributor and a big one
to climate change is not in doubt. If you listened to the video it's right
there. Which is the POINT of the video. It's now that cows produce GHG
emissions or not, it is how they are raised with a focus on the soil. Your
link dump is irrelevant to the discussion since not a single link actually
addresses the issue of carbon sequestration in the soil. None of them which
is unfortunate. And, I should note, did you...who flippantly and arrogantly
dumped your links on the list without a single answer to the points raised
in the video. You simply don't know what you are talking about.

Secondly, one of the sponsors if "Belcompo" a local ranching and purveyor
of meat raised as show in the video. It in not simply a "meat company" with
images of Harris Ranch and the large CAFO owners that come to mind. All
ranchers and farmers, like Belcompo, are *small business*, bar none.
However, this form of restorative agriculture is directly *counterpoised*
to that factory form of agriculture and you ought to pay attention to this
and the other issues around soil that you are so oblivious too but
seemingly have no interest to learn about. Here is an essay I penned a few
weeks ago on this issue to further enlighten you. Good luck with your diet.



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