[Marxism] How to (do) ranching right

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David, neither your spluttering bluster,  nor the article you cite, 
address the METHANE
issue - which I took to be where John was going.

- Bill

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> John,
>   That cattle raised in CAFO style of farming is a contributor and a big one
> to climate change is not in doubt. If you listened to the video it's right
> there. Which is the POINT of the video. It's now that cows produce GHG
> emissions or not, it is how they are raised with a focus on the soil. Your
> link dump is irrelevant to the discussion since not a single link actually
> addresses the issue of carbon sequestration in the soil. None of them which
> is unfortunate. And, I should note, did you...who flippantly and arrogantly
> dumped your links on the list without a single answer to the points raised
> in the video. You simply don't know what you are talking about.
> Secondly, one of the sponsors if "Belcompo" a local ranching and purveyor
> of meat raised as show in the video. It in not simply a "meat company" with
> images of Harris Ranch and the large CAFO owners that come to mind. All
> ranchers and farmers, like Belcompo, are *small business*, bar none.
> However, this form of restorative agriculture is directly *counterpoised*
> to that factory form of agriculture and you ought to pay attention to this
> and the other issues around soil that you are so oblivious too but
> seemingly have no interest to learn about. Here is an essay I penned a few
> weeks ago on this issue to further enlighten you. Good luck with your diet.
> https://oaklandsocialist.com/2018/10/10/developing-a-marxist-approach-to-global-agriculture-a-primer-on-the-role-of-animals-in-maintaining-soil-health/
> David
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