[Marxism] Democrats and Trump

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 10:57:35 MDT 2018

The bottom line is there should be some sort of national progressive
alternative.  Whether it calls itself socialist or labor or anything isn't
as important as challenging the dictatorship of capitalism.   This could
have happened and it didn't.

Notwithstanding complaints about Our Revolution or the ambiguities of the
DSA--and let's throw in the almost religious flakiness of the
Greens--something could have been done about this.  And years ago.

There are literally thousands of us ready to throw ourselves into such an
effort.  This could have happened easily if two or three or more of the
various socialist tiddlywinks clubs had decided that building this
alternative--even temporarily.

Doesn't it make you wonder?  :-)

Mark L.

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