[Marxism] Sanders and Varoufakis to Launch Progressive International

Tim Nelson nelsontim86 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 10:34:03 MDT 2018

Interesting that there's no mention of approaches to the British Labour
Party, Corbyn, or Momentum in these articles. You would expect them to be
at the top of the list.

All in all, I think the idea is a good one, in fact necessary given the
growth of the far right internationally.

I'm tentative, given the plethora of "internationals" that have come and
gone over the years, but I can't think of any that have included a) such
internationally known figures like Sanders and Varoufakis, b) had such a
clear focus. So I'm hopeful.

I'm sure some comrades may be concerned at the potential inclusion of
liberal groupings, or worried that it will not take a clearly proletarian
character, but I think we should start where we are.

Tim N

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