[Marxism] Democrats and Trump

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 20:06:48 MDT 2018

 Thanks, Richard.  An interesting piece.

I agree with the points made about the necessity of independent mass
movements, etc.--but I think that we're finding ourselves in a very
different situation than the old road maps would have indicated.  There are
lots of reasons for this, but I'll try to avoid tangents.

The biggest single problem we've faced over the last few decades has been
the smudging between mass movements and protests (I similarly think that
the idea of building a party with protest votes is equally problematic.)
The big women's march after Trump's election and some of the later actions,
including the Kavenaugh protests, recycled an idea that came out of
Occupy.  We have protests that are essentially one-offs, and exist mostly
at the whim of the Democratic Party or sections thereof.

Part of this likely draws on the desire for television wallpapering
comparable to that provided by the earlier Tea Party B.S. that Republican
lobbyists funded and fielded.  These never really amounted to much as a
movement in the streets, but it was heavily hyped, widely discussed and
treated as a serious "movement" by those who wanted the Republican Party to
pursue its mad agenda.

In the process, the very idea of what a movement was and is supposed to do
seems to have been taken out of our hands and translated into something of
a ritualized street theatre that existed to frame whatever B.S. the
politicians wanted to hype.

That kind of non-movement "movement" isn't going to give rise to
independent political action--no more than building a fanciful "wing" of
the Democratic party is going to lead to the emergence of a mass party of
the working class.

A major priority would seem to me to involve our regaining control over
what a movement is and what it needs to do.

In that sense, independent political action can play something of a role on
that question right now.

Conversely, not doing anything about it cedes the venue to the dead end of
"lesser evil" politics and whatever degree of conservatism is passing as
"liberal" these days.

Mark L.

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