[Marxism] Syria's Disaster, and What's Next

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 3 06:05:30 MDT 2018

On 9/2/18 9:58 PM, Chris Slee wrote:
> The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is surrounded by enemies - 
> Turkey to the north, Assad to the south, the remnants of ISIS to the 
> east.  Such a situation creates strong pressures towards "top-down" 
> decision making, as happened in the early Soviet Union.

Comparisons between Rojava and the USSR are rather absurd. In 1917, 
there was a massive struggle against an authoritarian state led by 
socialists. In 2011, the Kurdish satellite of the PKK took advantage of 
the chaos crated by a similar struggle to cut a deal with Syria's family 
dynasty to carve out a space that would not be attacked by the family 
dynasty's military in exchange for staying aloof from the struggle to 
topple it. Within that space, they carried out some admirable reforms 
but history will judge the Kurdish leaders such as the loathsome Salih 
Muslim harshly for their opportunism.

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