[Marxism] Nicaraguan Contradictions

Richard Fidler rfidler at ncf.ca
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What has shocked so many -- especially those of us who were active in the
international Sandinista solidarity movement in the 1980s -- is the wave of
repression unleashed by the Ortega-Murillo regime since April 19. Never before
in Latin America has a government claiming to be on "the left" turned its police
(and, in Nicaragua, paramilitaries and sharpshooters) on peaceful, unarmed
demonstrators in the streets --  shooting hundreds, wounding thousands, even
denying them hospital care. 

Louis, in his rambling early attempt to figure out what was happening, cited
below, simply avoids referring to the initial repression, which in subsequent
weeks escalated until the Nicaraguan government itself now admits to some 230
deaths (overwhelmingly non-police), while independent human rights organizations
have documented more than 400. This balance sheet itself -- and the whitewashing
of it by the "oficialista" left (Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.) on the usual
pretext that the US must be behind it -- calls for serious reflection about the
state of the left today not only in Nicaragua but throughout the region. As Lou
demonstrates in his own reactions, we are facing here some of the same
conflicting reactions that we saw in the initial responses internationally to
the Assad regime's violent suppression of the popular protests in Syria.

Earlier today, Lou posted a reply to an article in the Scientific American by a
critic of Nicaragua's environmental abuses. It is worth reading the article that
is the target of the author, Paul Oquist: Nicaragua's Acions Cast a Shadow over
Its Leadership of Major Climate Group,

As a quick google search reveals, Oquist apparently hires himself out as a
scientific "advisor" to poor countries in the Central American-Caribbean region.
In Nicaragua, Ortega has even given him cabinet rank. At the Paris climate
summit in 2016, where he represented Nicaragua in place of Ortega who couldn't
be bothered attending, Oquist cast the lone vote against the final accord saying
it did not go far enough. However, when Trump later pulled out of the agreement
Ortega decided to sign on to it, and with Syria's recent adhesion only the
United States lies outside of it.

But Oquist is not just an expert on climate change and environment. He is a
vocal defender of the politics of Ortega-Murillo. For example, take a look at
his defence of the regime in a two-part interview on Democracy Now: 
Extended Conversation with Nicaraguan Government Minister Paul Oquist on
Escalating Crisis


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