[Marxism] Meet the leftwing columnists writing for a neo-Nazi website | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Sep 4 13:02:13 MDT 2018

Just about a year ago I discussed The Unz Review in the context of a 
controversy over Valerie Plame tweeting a link to an article that 
appeared there written by columnist Philip Giraldi titled “America’s 
Jews Are Driving America’s Wars”. Oh, did I mention that other people 
identified as columnists include: Patrick Cockburn, Peter Lee, Tom 
Engelhardt, Norman Finkelstein, and Michael Hudson?

The website is named after its founder Ron Unz, two of whose most recent 
posts has prompted me to revisit this website that encapsulates the 
sordid connections between the alt-right and the radical movement. Like 
David Duke and other aspiring fascists, Unz aggregates articles that 
might have appeared originally on leftist websites. Such articles offer 
solidarity for the Palestinians, Assad’s war on terrorism, the Eastern 
Ukraine separatists as well as opposition to trade deals like The 
Trans-Pacific Partnership, warmongers like John McCain, Mueller’s 
investigation and NATO.

For every one of these leftist articles (leaving aside the merits of 
Assad and the Donetsk militias) you will find just as many promoting 
bans on immigration of the sort found in VDARE (Ron Unz has donated 10s 
of thousands of dollars to VDARE), “scholarly” articles making the case 
that people of color are genetically inferior to Caucasians, arguments 
that the ANC is behind “white genocide” in South Africa aimed at farmers 
exactly like those made by Tucker Carlson and repeated by Trump, and 
anti-Semitic tripe of the sort Giraldi wrote.

But none of this prepared me for Ron Unz’s recent turn that effectively 
puts The Unz Review in the same category as the Daily Stormer and 


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