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A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 13:31:59 MDT 2018

I think the distinction you make between Israel Shahak's writings and Ron
Unz's "interpretation" of them is important. I remember when this came up
some time ago, many of the critics of this article (such as Ali Abunimah)
ignored that very crucial distinction and all but subsumed Israel Shahak to
Ron Unz' ramblings.

That being said, I sympathize with Finkelstein's point of view. From what
is written in the article it doesn't sound like he intentionally asked Ron
Unz to publish his writings (but you can correct me). Rather, Unz simply
reblogs things written by others, probably without asking. As someone who
has had my writings appear in all sorts of random corners of the internet
I'm not a fan of the idea that an author is responsible for those who
republish his work or of the demand that a writer disavow all the people
who might potentially reblog it; indeed, some of the most prominent leftist
writers' musings have been found in all sorts of odd places -- Chomsky,
Marx, etc. If there is a constant expectation that an author vocally
condemn random people who republish their work, the likely consequence is
that legitimate authors might feel intimidated into republishing, not to
mention the near impossibility of regulating such distribution in the
internet era. It's more reasonable to expect readers to distinguish an
author from a publication (such as the New York Times).

Amith R. Gupta

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