[Marxism] Specter of a White Minority - Los Angeles Review of Books

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 5 07:17:31 MDT 2018

This fear of “incipient minority” status is ubiquitous in contemporary 
right-wing discourse: white nationalists accuse the government of 
programmatically causing “white genocide,” while conservative 
opinion-makers issue dire warnings about progressives in annihilationist 
terms, describing them as “vicious” people “who will micromanage every 
aspect of your life” and “want to destroy you.” For white identitarians, 
changing demographics will inevitably lead to the loss of white 
sovereignty and the demise of so-called Aryan civilization. A related 
sense of second-class status is also what mainstream conservatives 
conjure when they decry the stifling quality of “political correctness.” 
Thiel has called the liberal environment in the San Francisco Bay area 
“a one-party state,” while Niall Ferguson channeled these feelings of 
inferiority when he recently tweeted, “Conservatism is on the brink of 
extinction in much of academia.”


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